VIrtual Club

Virtaul Club was started in 2016 with the motive of interacting with students to resolve their difficulties in coding area and enabling students to test their theoretical knowledge about the subjects studied as a part of the curriculum as well as gain practical knowledge about these subjects.Virtual Club is commenced to procure the best talents from our college.The club hosts events based on C, MYSQL and various other languages & subjects that encourage students to participate, learn technical skills and thereby grow beyond their niche to explore and understand the subjects better.The students get benefited by implementing those current grossing language as real life application and also gets a closure look.
For the success, it is important to overcome the collaboration and commitment among the individuals.Though it sounds difficult but can certainly be achieved through effective practicing and processes and tools in place, organization can benefit greatly from this new-age trend of virtual ideas.The club mainly encourages students to learn new technologies like python, android, bigdata, cloud, etc. It motivates students about how the new technologies can be applied in real world scenario and enhances the technical skills of the students notch by notch.It also provides technical resources that create opportunities for students to explore software development.Club members conduct competitions to unleash the talent within the students and help them gain more interest in the subject.
There are three main aspects to a virtual club team- purpose,people and links.
Purpose: Development of students in software skills.
People: Students of MBICT and Professors.
Links: Generation of new ideas from students and implementation.

The Virtual club team comprises of:

Faculty Coordinators: Prof.Ashwini Jha, Prof.Chetan Chudasama
Club Cordinator: Nandani Patel
Event Head: Anushka Negi
Technical Suport: Nidhi Patel
Volunteers: Aanchal Vazir,Jaldhi Prajapati,Aditi Gautam,Dhruvi Chodvadiya,,Vrunda Patel,Priya Mahera


Technical events Organized under Virtual Club:

Event Name Date Venue Participation Experts
Ingeniosity Hunt 20th February 2017 D003 98 Virtual club members


Events Planned in next semester

Event Name Month Venue Target Audience Experts
Logo Designing March Seminar Hall 1st 3rd 5th Semester Student Virtual club members
Database April B006 lab 3rd 5th Semester Student Virtual club members