Hostel Facility

Sharda Hostel Facility is available at walking distance from MBICT college.

MBICT has a separate hostel section under the management of Hostel Management Committee. The Rector who is the secretary of the Committee administers the day to day aspects of the hostel management at MBICT Hostel. There are three hostels under MBICT College. The Sharada hostel provides the students with a safe, academic environment for the students of MBICT.

The hostel has a Superintendent  from the Non-teaching staff of the colleges who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, etc. The hostel also has two Rectors from the MBICT faculties. There is a mess associated with  Hostel for girls.  Membership  of the mess is compulsory for students staying in MBICT College.
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Hostel Activities

Hostel students organized Ganesh mohtsav “SVOJAS 2016 ”
We have done 5 days GANESH MOHTSAVA which was organized by hostel students during 5th September to 9th September .On 9th September we organized “Arti Thali Decoration” competition for all students. Some students took part in this event. we gave 3 prize for best thali decoration.

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Dahi-Handi Celebration
“Dahi handi” program was also celebrated for hostel students in new v.v.nagar campus on 25th Augest 2016. There were two teams from sharda hostel. 1st and 2nd Year students took part in this program. All hostel students enjoyed lot in this program.

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Celebration of Holi Dhuleti
Holi –Dhuleti festivals were also celebrated for hostel students on 24th march 2016.

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Vidhyanagar Day Celebration
On 3rd March 2016, we organized “71th vidhyanagar day” at sharda hostel. As part of that various competitive events like Rangoli and poster making were organized. For rangoli, theme was clean campus and for poster making-clean india. In that total 32 students participated .The best 3 groups for rangoli and best 1 for poster making were awarded prize.

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Expert talk on “Adulation of women’s health”
Expert talk on “Adulation of women’s health” was delivered by Dr. Jesmine Jems on 11th march 2016. Many hostel students attended that lecture. Dr. Jesmine jems covered more details in women’s health. Students got more knowledge in gynaecological problems.