The department has well equipped laboratories. The College has set up Electronics laboratories, containing the latest equipment to ensure that the students get excellent facilities to thoroughly understand and explore the concepts of electronics as learnt in the class-room. These laboratories provide the students an opportunity to work on industry standard equipment and industry sponsored projects.

  •  Basic Electronics
  • Digital Electronics & Digital Communication
  • Power Electronics
  • Antenna, Microwave & Satellite
  • Electrical & Electronics Workshop
  • VLSI, Simulation, Control theory & Digital Signal Processing
  • Microprocessor, Microcontroller & interfacing, Embedded
  • Multimedia and Image Processing, Applied Electronics
  • Audio-Video system
  • Circuit & Network, Wireless Communication
  • Advance Electronics, Integrated Circuit & Application Lab
  • Instrumentation & measurement
  • Electronics Communication, DATA Communication & Networking
  • Optical Communication
  • Digital Communication

Basic Electronics Laboratory

The Basic Electronics laboratory involves experiments related to Basic semiconductor devices’ characteristics and applications. The laboratory is well equipped with various analog trainers for experiments related to basic characteristics and applications of diodes, transistors and operational amplifiers. Various amplifier configurations and oscillators related experiments are carried out in the laboratory. There are various test and measuring instruments such as function generator, power supplies, digital multi meters, cathode ray oscilloscope and breadboard.

Digital Electronics & Digital communication Laboratory

The laboratory is being used to support the theory course on digital circuits. Various experiments such as logic gates, combinational logic circuits and sequential logic circuits. At the end of the sessions students are given small project. Students use SSI and MSI digital ICs for performing experiments. The laboratory is equipped with digital ICs, DMMs, component development system trainers and digital IC tester.

Power Electronics Laboratory

The Power Electronics laboratory involves experiments related to power semiconductor devices’ characteristics and applications. The laboratory is well equipped with experimental trainer units for device characteristics, controlled, rectifiers, and commutations circuit trainers, choppers, inverters and motor control setups. The laboratory is well equipped with various test and measurement instruments like cathode ray oscilloscope, power supply, function generator and digital multi meters.

Antenna, Microwave & Satellite Laboratory

This Laboratory involves experiments for third and final level students on antenna systems, microwave engineering. The laboratory is equipped with computerized antenna trainers having different antennas to study their radiating patterns, transmission and reception of information signals. Especially this lab with CST software is used for Antenna designing A microwave test bench is used perform various experiments for the course. Klystron tube bench for microwave engineering. The laboratory is equipped with Amitec trainer kits used for satellite subject.

Electronics Workshop Laboratory

The Laboratory is well equipped with various machines used for PCB designing as PCB Etching Machine Drilling Machine, PCB Shearing Machine, Electric Oven, and CRO, power supplies, function generator and multi meters along with breadboards, & Printing System, Exposing & Printing System, Arbitrary Waveform Generator. This laboratory also has different components; equipment’s used for mini & major project.

VLSI, Control Theory & DSP, Simulation Laboratory

In Basic VLSI Design course, students implement the logic related to digital circuit design in VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits Hardware Description Language) in software (code composer studio V3.3) and then implement it on Kit using suitable data cables.
The control laboratory is well equipped with various experimental trainer units. The trainers include feedback components such as potentiometers, dc servomotor and ac servomotor trainer, linear system simulator, dc speed control system, dc position control system, temperature control system, PID controller trainer, light intensity control trainer, stepper motor control trainer, digital control trainer, compensator design setup, relay control system. For the course on digital signal processing various signal processing operations are performed using MATLAB® with signal processing toolbox.

Multimedia & Image Processing ,Applied electronics Laboratory

This course involves experiments for final year students on digital image processing. The course is a Challenging mixture of mathematical theory and practical implementation issues. In practical session various algorithms such as negative of an image, arithmetic and logical operators , mirror of an image , threshold of an image , histogram processing and histogram equalization ,low pass filter, high pass filter ,median filter are implemented in C language. This laboratory has MATLAB used for simulation of advance optical network & Components.

Audio Video System Laboratory

This lab contains equipment and kits for learning and implementing audio Video Systems .This lab contains LED SONY T.V.,LED T.V. Trainer Kit, DVD player T.V. Trainer kit

Microprocessors, Microcontroller ,Embedded Laboratory

This lab contains 18 PCs, 10 laptops for learning and implementing by using software Top view simulator&Keil. This lab contains equipment and kits for learning and implementing the concepts pertaining to the latest 32 bit, 16-bit & 8-bit Microcontrollers & Microprocessors. Students are exposed to the latest 32 bit Cold Fire Architecture, 16-bit S12X Microcontroller Architecture, 8 bit 9S8 Architecture besides the traditional 8-bit Intel 8051 Microcontroller, 16- bit 8086 Microprocessor & the 8-bit 8085 Microprocessor architectures.